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best portuguese food - Campos Santos - Extra Persimmon Jam - 235g

Campos Santos - Extra Persimmon Jam - 235g

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In Portugal, the Algarve area (south of the country) stands out as a production area for persimmon. In Portugal, the persimmon is one of our favorite fruits in autumn.

As a fresh fruit the persimonn, removing its thin skin, is practically constituted by pulp. 

It is rich in vitamin A, antioxydants and minerals such as potassium.

Did you know? The Portuguese name "dióspiro" (Diospyros) comes from the Greek "dióspuron". This greek word means "food of Zeus", Zeus is the supreme god in Greek mythology. Who wouldn't want to eat the fruit of the Gods?

Have an amazing morning breakfast, brunch or tea time or cheese board with this delicious jam.

Ingredients: Persimonn (63%), sugar, water